Here are some things to consider once the appraisal has been scheduled:

  1. Similar to the inspection process, we think it’s a good idea to have your home clean, tidy, and looking good when the appraiser arrives. Unlike the inspection, however, the Buyer will not come to the house during the appraisal, so it is OK for you to stay.
  2. If you are there at the same time as the appraiser, feel free to point out improvements and upgrades, but keep the suggestions and comments to a minimum. And don’t suggest what you think the home is worth or ask the appraiser what he or she believes the appraised value will be.
  3. If you can’t be home, no problem. The appraiser will be given a code to the lockbox and will use it if you are not home.
  4. Finally, even though we have never personally dealt with any issues, secure all valuables and account numbers.