I’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of locally owned businesses in Northern Colorado. I am humbled and inspired by the passion these individuals pour into our community. Recently, when I decided to make a career change, I contacted Kyle Kmetz, founder and owner of Wander Coffee in hopes of advice on success. Kyle has told me his story a few times over the years, and every time I take away a new nugget of wisdom.

I thought I knew a fair bit about coffee (ok, not really, but I figured I could at least stumble my way through an intelligent conversation about it). Within the first five minutes of meeting Kyle, I learned how much goes into what I take for granted with my morning cup-o-joe. And not just in regards to the flavor and roasting process. Something unique about how he runs Wander is the great care that goes into supporting others. He has committed to producing beans that are ethical – from where and how they are sourced (he is loyal to the small farmers he works with) to how he roasts them (environmentally conscious equipment) and then packages the coffee (biodegradable). The thing that struck me during our first conversation was how down to earth he was. Coffee is his true passion, and he’s just happy to share his stories and experiences.

In 2016, after a decade of working in the industry one way or another, Kyle opened the roaster with wife and business genius, Megan, by his side. Four years later, they are a coffee icon in NoCo. When Kyle isn’t roasting, chatting with his customers, or personally delivering coffee to doorsteps, he’s spending time with Megan and their four kids.

When I asked Kyle if he had any advice to lend as I embark on a new career, he told me this: Dive in. It’s scary, but if you’re genuinely passionate about it, you will succeed.

Wander’s delicious coffee can be found at multiple shops, restaurants, and cafes around Northern Colorado. You can also order directly from their website (My personal favorite is the Night Sky Blend).