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When we sell a home, we go in with one overarching and one ancillary goal. Our first and primary objective is to net the seller as much money as possible. Every step of the process is taken with this goal in mind. Our second goal is to show the seller how we do this. We believe it is incumbent on us to communicate how we define and quantify our value. There are times when the pursuit of money turns ugly; for example, nobody wants to be associated with greed. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. Like a stock or a gold nugget, a home is an asset. As such, when the time comes to sell, the goal should be to maximize the value. Not only this, but most people will use the proceeds from the sale to buy their next home.

If we simply state our first goal but offer nothing more, it is no more than a platitude. It becomes a statement that sounds great but does absolutely nothing. It’s easy to make a claim in bold print and with enthusiasm but incredibly difficult to a) figure out how to get the seller as much money as possible, and b) communicate the philosophy and methods behind the work. We can’t claim to care about your bottom line and then spend no time thinking about, working through, and actually becoming great at executing.

Our aim is not only to pay for ourselves but also to help the seller net more money than they would have had any realistic chance of netting with anybody else. But if the seller doesn’t understand or trust this outcome, then in our view, the job is incomplete. We want our clients to be certain the premium they invested in selling their property was a wise decision. We don’t believe in force-feeding these conversations if not necessary, but we do want our clients & friends to know we are committed to spending the time required to ensure they fully grasp the value they are receiving.