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5. Mo Jeaux’s Bar & Grill – If you’ve been in town a while, you know the building at City Park Ave & Elizabeth as Sullivan’s. I wasn’t around in those days, but I know people used to love it (including my Aunt Kristin). If you go, try my favorite meal — the “wings & ribs.” The BBQ is the best in town!

4. Vado Clothing Co. – Vado is the best men’s boutique clothing store in FoCo. Not only do I love the clothes, but who knew men’s scented candles were a thing (and who knew I’d like/buy one)? See our website for my interview with Leah Barter, the owner.


5. JJ’s Wood-fired Pizza – You might not guess the best pizza in town is wedged between a gas station & liquor store (also both JJ’s-owned), but it is. They have great outdoor space, and the Margherita pizza might be my favorite food in Fort Collins.

4. Old Town Loveland – While certainly the lesser known of the “Old Towns,” OTL has good restaurants and a quiet “vibe.” It doesn’t offer the diversity of Ft. Collins’ Old Town, but I love it.

3. Summer & Fall Softball – The competition is good, and Rolland Moore Park is a great setting. I love the guys on my team. Some are younger & talented, and others are a little more “seasoned” (like Devin).

2. Salsa Thursdays at Scrumpy’s – Every Thursday from 7:30-8:30, Scrumpy’s offers free Salsa lessons. And from 8:30-10:30, you can practice what you just learned. I was unsure at first, but I loved it! And don’t forget to have a hard cider & wings after dancing. Trust me, you’ll be thirsty & hungry!

1. The People – I’ve met many wonderful people in my 4+ years in FoCo. I’ve made great friends (Tony, Mitch, Bob & Natalie, among others), and I rarely meet someone who isn’t kind. I’d like to think it’s because I’m something special, but that’s not it. It’s the people in NoCo that are special.

3. Reservoir Ridge Trail – In the summer, this trail is a bit too exposed/hot, but I love it on a nice fall or winter day. The trail is nearby but feels remote, and the landscape is diverse. I like to park at the trailhead off of Overland Trail, hike over to Horsetooth Reservoir, and back.

2. Dandelion Toys – One of the things I miss most about my daughters being young is that we now have fewer toy-shopping opportunities. DT has loads of cool, fun, classic toys, and it’s in a great spot in Old Town. I like to think of it as the happiest place in Fort Collins.

1. The Gardens on Spring Creek – My family has derived so much joy from The Gardens. We’ve rented a garden plot, attended concerts, and thrown a 9th birthday party at The Gardens. And the Garden of Lights Winter Festival is a family favorite.