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  1. I love bikes, and I love my daughters. In 2020, thanks to “Quarantine Bonus Time”, my girls and I went on many bike rides: daughter time & bikes = a delighted dad.
  2. I’ve written of my affection for my neighbors more than once. 2020 revealed that more of them is a good thing! We had a socially distanced (SD) concert, SD birthday parties, and SD movies- wonderful medicine for a housebound soul.
  3. I discovered a new favorite treat: Natalie’s homemade pop tarts!
  4. My wife got to trade in actual work travel for virtual meetings. I loved seeing so much of my beautiful wife.
  5. After years of petitioning, my young daughter, using quarantine politics, talked us into a trampoline. Watching her flip, jump and laugh brought us a lot of needed joy.



  1. New Beginnings: Leaping into a new career was a huge positive in 2020. Having a lot of time at home made it easy to dive in and learn.
  2. Thanks to many at-home date nights, I learned poker. It turns out I’m not too bad!
  3. More time spent with family: I’ve always been thankful to have my parents live nearby, but I was especially grateful in 2020.
  4. I’m not good at slowing down – unless I’m all studied out and have nowhere to go. The pandemic made me into a real-life gardener! I grew tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions!
  5. I found a sense of community during my first year living in Severance. From an outdoor celebration for the town’s 100th Anniversary to a winter fireworks show, my little town found ways to come together.