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5. I love bikes, but seriously, have you ever ridden a cruiser bike? I suppose they look cool, but they are big and bulky, take up nearly as much room as a car in the garage, and are not all that much fun to ride. Search your soul — you’ll find that I’m right.

4. If you’re at the store, and your bill is, say, $5.91, please don’t give the cashier a $10 bill and then search near and far for a penny. It’s ok to get a nickel & four pennies…you don’t have to have that dime.

3. The phrase “come on in, the water’s fine” should be stricken from the lexicon. No, the water isn’t fine. With few exceptions, the initial splash in any body of water is NOT pleasant.

2. The elasticity in a sweater cuff is finite and dies immediately after it works it’s way past mid-forearm. If you borrow one of my sweaters, and you proceed to push the cuff anywhere near your elbow, we may need therapy to continue our friendship.

1. Not the feet attached to the biggest/roughest oaf in the history of creation, and not the soft/precious feet of my babies…never is it ok to touch my leg with your bare feet.  



5. Obnoxious drinking — gulping every sip really loudly then breathing heavily after, or smacking loudly for every bite.

4. Buff fans. (Proud to be a CSU Ram!)

3. The lane is ending ahead, there’s a long line of cars in the lane that’s not ending — the car that cruises past everyone waiting in the correct lane and turns on his blinker!

2. When someone asks you a question and it turns out they really aren’t listening/can’t even hear you because they are wearing earbuds!

1. I didn’t know this was a pet peeve until I read #5 above. Who doesn’t like cruiser bikes? No…seriously, they are comfortable, cute and fun for an easy ride with the family, a date night or with a group of friends.