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  1. I had a friend in 3rd grade who had a rock-throwing/kid-punching/appropriation problem. “Devin, you are who your friends are,” my dad would say. I knew from a young age that I would become what I surround myself with.
  2. All things speaking- & language-related were big in my house. “Enunciate!” My dad did NOT approve when we mumbled, and we were quickly corrected if we used poor grammar.
  3. I was presented with a lot of heinie-related proverbs in my youth. “Keep your head and your heinie down” (when fielding a ground ball). “Devin, put your heinie in him” (when rebounding/boxing out in basketball).  I guess 
  4. I learned what it means to serve others by watching my mom. She has always given her time, resources, and energy to selflessly care for those around her.
  5. And one of the best bits of wisdom I ever received from my dad: “Take care of your mom and treat her well.”


  1. D.I.N. (Do It Now!) was my dad’s favorite phrase to throw at my brother and me when we tried to put any task off that he knew we’d end up forgetting to do. 
  2. For as long as I can remember, my parents have always done anything they can to help the ones closest to them. They’ve taught me to pay it forward.
  3. During college, I was shocked to learn meal helpers like Hamburger Helper and brownie mixes existed. My mom has always cooked from scratch and passed along the passion for cooking and baking.
  4. I’ve learned to enjoy the simple things in life. All you need for a good day is a board game and laughter (and maybe homemade ice cream).
  5. From creating to fixing, my parents know how to do just about everything. From a young age, I’ve been inspired never to stop learning how to do things for myself.