We believe the steps taken to sell a home boil down to two categories – tasks and “everything else.” Tasks are predictable and easily managed with a good system and processes. The “everything else” category deals with the pieces of the transaction that are fluid; the bits that change with every sale. The completing of tasks, while critical, rate low on the value scale. The real value lies in the parts of the transaction that can’t be predicted.
The tasks that come with each transaction are easily explained and, given the proper attention to detail and monitored by the right process/system, easy to complete. For example, professional photography is undoubtedly vital, but having professional pictures taken is as simple as making a phone call. Another important task is making sure the listing makes it to all of the places buyers look (competitor’s websites, Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, etc., etc.). We take every step seriously, and we understand the consequences of inadequate or incomplete work. But the collection of these tasks is not why you should pay us to list your home.

It’s in the fluid parts of a real estate transaction, the elements that change with each deal, that actual expertise is fleshed out. Value results when consideration and thoughtful strategy precede action. There are countless moving (and changing) pieces to each transaction. It’s these fluid pieces that require a combination of experience, creativity, understanding, and even a bit of psychology to properly navigate. These many and varied scenarios are where you want someone not just with experience, but someone with the right understanding. That is, if these situations are viewed in the wrong light, opportunities will be lost, and obstacles will not be evaded but tripped over. We like and are good at the fluid parts of this business, and we have a keen understanding of how our willingness and ability to deal with these situations is vital to your (financial) success. Our clients benefit when we can anticipate and preemptively deal with problems, and when we take the time to react to each specific circumstance thoughtfully.

Agents are often picked based on how likable, and maybe even familiar, they are; we want you to choose us in spite of how much you like us. We want you to pick us because it is the most practical and self-serving decision. What I’ve written doesn’t wholly explain our value, but I do hope, when the time comes, I’ve piqued something in you to know more. We’d love the opportunity to fill in the gaps.