Fortunately, as far as we know, we’ve never had a problem with theft at our listings, but there are plenty of stories out there of sellers who have. Before showings begin, we suggest removing or securing anything of value, any documents that have an account or Social Security number, or any other sensitive information. Valuable items may include smartphones, tablets, laptops, jewelry, prescription drugs, and cash. And credit cards, bank & investment account statements, and checkbooks are items that may have sensitive information. 


While theft is unlikely, it doesn’t mean there is no risk. The resulting problem(s) could be monetary (replacing a stolen device), or even heartbreaking (loss of a family heirloom). And consider the frustration and pain that could come with a compromised account or social security number. Not only is there a potential monetary consequence, but you may spend countless hours (over multiple days and possibly months) fixing a problem. 


The time you would spend on these precautionary measures would be nothing compared to any potential problems that could arise if you don’t. Please take a few minutes to secure or remove items of significant value and any documents with sensitive information.