Most of my (6+) years in college were spent studying math — with a brief foray into English with a Creative Writing concentration. I loved to write and was expecting to love the study of creative writing. What I quickly realized is that I loved fiction and creative non-fiction I decidedly did not enjoy writing poetry (I never could figure out what made one poem beautiful and another derivative). I was extremely disappointed; I wanted to write, just not poetry. My great expectations were dashed because I never considered, and nobody ever told me what I should expect. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. As quickly as I realized that poetry made no sense (to me), and likely never would, I changed majors.

We’re here to point out what you don’t know

From a “macro” sense, helping people buy and sell real estate is our job, but we have many “micro” jobs within this. We help people understand and manage risk (and how that relates to a possible reward), we help buyers and sellers understand how much leverage they do or don’t have in their given situation (and how to proceed based on this knowledge), and we help our friends and clients understand what the proper expectations should be considering the decision they are about to make. Sometimes this means telling them what they don’t know. You may be expecting a short story, but I know you’re really headed for poetry. This is something we’d want you to know.

Unfortunately, time travel is not yet possible

If you’ve read more than a few of my posts/articles (or even read the first two paragraphs here), you know I often relate real estate to my life. I won’t offer a specific analogy here, but I’ll bet you can come up with your own. Think for a moment about a time when you’ve been disappointed, or a moment when you would have given a kidney to go back in time. We’ve all had these moments, and they are almost always the result of, at least in some part, improper expectations.   

Helping you realize your great expectations

The result of me not understanding how enigmatic poetry would be was that I moved on to a different major: not a devastating situation but certainly not great. It would have saved me time and money had I understood this earlier. The consequence of uninformed expectations for you as a buyer or seller may not break you financially, but it may put a knot in your stomach down the road: when something you thought would result, doesn’t; or maybe when an expense you weren’t expecting pops up. We can help avoid this feeling by working to manage expectations and introducing the expectations you may not have considered. This is how we can help you realize your great expectations.