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It’s easy to fill a day wandering Fort Collins’ historic downtown, nicknamed “Old Town.” 



Start with breakfast at one of the city’s oldest restaurants, the Silver Grill. Be sure to get one of their famous cinnamon rolls. Or, if you prefer breakfast-on-the-go, stop at The Exchange for a locally made breakfast burrito from Vatos Tacos or a ‘Colorado Style’ donut and hot espresso from FoCo DoCo.



Next, take a stroll downtown and look at the buildings around you for old ghost signs—a term which references 50+-year-old signs painted on the exterior of buildings that offer insight into their history…not spirits. Walnut Street features multiple buildings that inspired  Downtown Disney. My favorite is the old firehouse which looks straight out of a story book with its vibrant colors. It now houses Happy Lucky’s Teahouse (where you can find over 200 loose-leaf teas). I recommend their Cinnamon-Orange blend. Right next door is Old Firehouse Books. Grab one of their recommended books and sip your tea.

Feeling creative? Board & Brush is a fun option for all ages with DIY custom wood signs. Pinot’s Palette is another great DIY activity featuring canvas painting



If you’re in a shopping mood, you can’t miss Akinz. Handmade is their motto, From beanies to custom print designs, Akinz captures the feel of Fort Collins on all their apparel. Next stop: Bloom. This cute flower boutique is an oasis. Tell Cindy, the owner, who you’re gifting flowers to and she’ll craft a custom arrangement! From there, head to a true Fort Collins staple, The Cupboard. With two stories of gadgets, cookware and local food, you won’t leave empty handed. A few doors down you’ll discover more spices than you can imagine at Old Town Spice Shop. Popcorn seasoning, BBQ rubs, and so many unique blends. My personal favorite is the Red Mountain blend, which is named after Red Mountain Open Space, an excellent hiking location located just north of the city.