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5. I like to take a picture of what’s inside my fridge & pantry before going to the store so I don’t forget what we already have.

4. When we only have the heel of the loaf of bread, and my kids are hungry, I turn the heel outward sides inward and they never know their PB&J is different.   

3. I’m not a fan of ironing so I either hang the clothing in the bathroom during a steamy shower or throw it in the dryer with a wet washcloth — bye bye wrinkles!

2. When my husband got a new coat, it had a lot of static cling. I put a safety pin at the bottom of the coat — static cling was gone!

1. An old trick my grandma taught me — put a bright ribbon on your luggage and you’ll spot your bag every time and hopefully keep anyone else from taking it!


5. I try to burn 1000 active calories a day. This would be impossible if not for my DeskCycle 2. This small machine fits under my desk and allows me to passively pedal (and still get my work done) for hours at a time.  

4. With 5 in our family, we have a lot of shoes. We’ve tried many different ways to keep them organized, but nothing stuck until I created my ‘wall of shoes’ in our garage.

3. I have used DayOne as a family diary for years, but I’ve recently expanded its use. I now have journals for things like yard work, dog records, and receipts. If I need to know the last time I fertilized my lawn I look in DayOne.

2. I hate clutter. This compulsion leads me to find/create order where I can, which in turn led to using velcro to store my computer at work (a Mac Mini) and external hard drive under my desk.  

1. There are many practical ways to use the Amazon Echo, but using it to add items to the grocery list is by far the most useful in my family. Combine this with grocery delivery, and we have to save hundreds of hours/year.