Note: You’ve likely been signing documents (listing contract, purchase contract, amendments, etc.) electronically up to this point. Unfortunately, the closing documents must be signed in person — electronic signatures are not allowed on closing documents.


  1. If you are in town on the day of closing, you will sign the closing documents at the title company. You can sign at the same time as the buyer, or we can schedule a time when you sign on your own. If you would like to sign at the same time as the buyer, you can expect to be at the title company for approximately 60-90 minutes (usually, it’s 60 minutes, but there are times it can take a bit longer). Unless you tell us differently, we will schedule your side of the closing separate from the buyer.
  2. If you are moving out of town and will be gone before the day of closing, the title company will mail the closing documents to you to sign and return. Included in the package you receive will be a pre-paid return envelope (FedEx, UPS, etc.). Most of the pages you can sign on your own (the title company will have “sign here” tabs anywhere your signature is required — making it very easy), but a few of the closing documents will need to notarized. Your bank may have a notary public, or we may be able to direct you to a local title company that can help. We will help you figure this out should the situation arise.
  3. If you are moving out of town, the other (possible) option is to sign early. Depending on a few factors, you may be able to sign your side of the transaction before you leave. We will let you know if this is a possibility.
  4. If there are two (or more) owners of the property, and if only one owner will be in town on the day of closing, you will have few options.