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Below you will find a screencast where I walk you through how to protest your 2021 Weld County property valuation. In the video, I go through an outline. Here are the links you’ll see in the outline, along with a few thoughts on each step.

  1. Weld County Property Portal: At this site, you will find the information on your home, your current and previous property valuation, and your Account & Parcel numbers (which you’ll need for the Real Property Questionnaire).
  2. Real Property Questionnaire: This “fillable” PDF is the document you will fill out and submit to Weld County. (A “fillable” PDF will allow you to tab through and fill in the fields as you go. You shouldn’t need to print out this document/fill it out by hand. Just fill it out online, save it to your computer, and then submit it to Weld County.)
  3. Weld County’s Sales Search Tool: This is where you will find properties in your neighborhood that you can use as “comparables.” To make the process simple, we suggest you do your best to find properties that are similar in terms of style (Ranch, Split-Level, Two Story, etc.), bedroom count, bathroom count, and size. For more help with this process, take a look at Weld County’s Comparable Sale Search Instructions page.
  4. Submit the Questionnaire: The final step is to submit the questionnaire you have now filled out.